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If you found this page than you were probably searching for fellow alumni. You are in luck !!! There is a free site for Central High class of 1996 (Fresno, California). It is totally free and you are able to see other members e-mails, private site chat, message board, place for pictures and private calanders. Read More !!!

Central High Alumni

Graduating Class of 1996 !!

What is Featured at this site:
Photo Section
Message board/mass e-mail
Review Section - for reviews of books, movies, websites, anything..
History - this if for our remember whens
Recipes - you never know who is now a great chef
Group Chat - this is a private site chat and can be scheduled anytime
Member Profiles - Address's, phone #'s, e-mail addresses, Messenger ID'sbr> Members: Classmates - 22 Teachers - 1 as of Tuesday April 23, 2003

Why Should You Join
Big reason, it's free!!!
Private Site - Only other alumni are allowed to be members
You can send e-mail right away with out the hassle of a middle man like at &
There are more members here than at Planet Alumni, Grad Finder, and all those other "free" sites.

To become a member of our free alumni site E-Mail me:
Marjorie A. Orso Granillo a.k.a MO
Apply Here . Don't forget to say who you are and you are class of '96!