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I would like to give my thanks to the following for providing some great base dolls and giving me a little help and inspiration along the way:

Veriria's Palace
I actually started getting my bases at Veriria's place. It was the only place that came up when I typed in Naked Dolls in my search Thanks Veriria....

* Manda at *
Provides some great basebodies too. Check her out. Lots to choose from.

**EZ Dollz**
Very original looking bases.

*** Josie's Dollz ***
She has great tutorial and has provided some cute basebodies. I've used a few myself.

># Mommy Feet - Animate My World #
Has provided me with basebodies. Check out her site the music is very relaxing.

>@ Emby @
All credit to her for making those wonderfully addicting Diva's.

^ Nett ^
I'm sure I will be using a lot of more of Nett's bases as time passes. They are wonderfully unique!

^*Pixel Punks ^*
So far I have used their cute as can be toddler base. Next a Pikat? Check them out for not so ordinary bases!

~Angy Chan~
We owe her lots for providing those cute manga's and parakiss that I have used. Also for sharing her talent.
*^@#~= Provided Basebodies